Billy Madison of the Day: You Won't Believe How Much This Deer Sounds Like Adam Sandler Yelling

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Maybe this deer can help revitalize Adam Sandler's career.

There's a town in Japan called Nara where relatively tame deer hang out like they're teenagers in a parking lot.

One walked up to some tourists and just straight up started yelling at them. Luckily they posted a video of it on YouTube July 22.

Does that sound like anyone to you?

Maybe this will jog your memory.

Yes, that cranky deer sounds EXACTLY like the classic Adam Sandler we knew and loved. Recent times have hit him hard however, from his Native American Netflix movie kerfuffle to the dismal response that his most recent movie The Cobbler received.

His newest film Pixels opens July 24 and isn't off to a great critical start either.

We don't know if he'll ever find his comedic footing again, but until then, we'll always have this crazy deer video to remind us of Adam Sandler yelling in decent movies.

Board Game of the Day: Trump for President the Game Puts You in Donald's Hair in the Race for the White House

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Donald Trump has stolen a lot of the limelight in this early race for the presidency.

Between recent nonsense like giving out Lindsey Graham's cell phone number and his social media presence, it's been like the proverbial car wreck where you try to hide your eyes but can't look away.

Wouldn't you like to take it just one step further and know what it feels like to be the Donald himself? Sure you would.

That's why the good people at Funny or Die have created a board game that incredibly reflects what it must feel like to walk in Trump's shoes and feel that perfect hair blowing in the breeze.

Forget virtual reality, this promises a truly immersive experience.

Apology of the Day: Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are BFFs Again

Taylor Swift apologized to Nicki Minaj and now everything is totally ok with the world.
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Hallelujah, there is peace on Earth.

Surely you know about the immense brouhaha that stole the Internet's breath July 22 when Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and a bunch of ancillary celebrities (we're looking at you, Chrissy Teigen) had a good ol' fashioned Twitter spat.

Well, the clouds have parted.

Taylor Swizzle, in a pretty classy move, apologized for the whole mess.

Then, Nicki Minaj, in an equally classy move, accepted the apology.

They didn't even need Aaron Paul to mediate the fight for them.

Finally we can focus on something more worthwhile, like the Trump/Graham fight.

Burn of the Day: EA's Madden Gives Some Advice to the Seahawks Over Twitter

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Unnecessary Opinion of the Day: George R. R. Martin Really Liked Ant-Man

George R. R. Martin is too busy writing about Ant-Man to write the next Game of Thrones book.
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Everyone's favorite part-time author has some Marvel opinions he would love to share with you.

George R. R. Martin, creator of something called Game of Thrones wrote a post on his blog July 21 detailing his satisfaction with the newest Marvel movie Ant Man.

In long form he admits his anxieties that the film would destroy everything he loved about the original Stan Lee character...

I am relieved and delighted to report that they did it right.

Scott Lang is the featured Ant-Man, yes, and Paul Rudd makes him a sympathetic and engaging protagonist, but due honor is done to Hank and his own career as the first Ant-Man as well, with Michael Douglas turning in a fine performance as Pym. There's a lot of humor in this film, but it is not a farce, as I feared it might be. There's a lot of action too, but not so much that it overwhelms the plot and characters, which was my problem with the last AVENGERS film... and the one before it, to think of it. A superhero movie needs a fair share of smashing and bashing and stuff blowing up, of course, but IMNSHO that stuff works best when it is happening to people we actually know and care about, and if you jam in too many characters and don't take time to develop any of them properly, well...

ANT-MAN has a proper balance of story, character, humor, and action, I think. A couple reviewers are calling it the best Marvel movie ever. I won't go that far, but it's right up there, maybe second only to the second Sam Raimi/ Tobey McGuire Spider-Man film, the one with Doc Ock. I've liked most of the Marvel movies, to be sure, I'm still a Marvel fanboy at heart (Excelsior!), but I liked this one more than the first AVENGERS and a lot more than the second, more than either THOR, more than the second and third IRON MAN and maybe just a smidge more than the first (though I liked that one a lot too).

Just so you know, Martin's whole blog post totals 1,040 words. That's like four pages of a Game of Thrones book. Just do that for 3,200 days and baby, you've got a book going.

Martin has already said that the next book, The Winds of Winter will most likely not come out until 2016, though the publisher has yet to set a date.

Of course, we all know what his reaction would be to this entreaty:

In closing, you do you, George. Glad you liked that movie.

Duet of the Day: Chevy Chase Helps Jimmy Fallon Play Piano

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Doctor, will Jimmy Fallon ever be able to play the piano again?

Some thoughtless fan wanted the Tonight Show host to play a song after we all know he almost lost his finger in a truly terrifying accident.

The good guy that he is decided to go ahead and make some music, but he needed some help.

Luckily, Chevy Chase also hurt himself in a filthy way (we'll let him tell you what happened) and he stepped in to give The Tonight Show a little soul.

It's just about time for Chase to start making the press rounds for the return of the Griswolds as the awful-looking Vacation reboot? sequel? opens July 29.

As far as the trailer shows, Chase is only in it for cameo purposes, but marketing is marketing.

Reboot of the Day: Space Jam 2 with LeBron James was Kinda, but Not Really, Announced

LeBron James might be starring in a new Space Jam?
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Deadspin reported July 22 that Warner Bros. Studios and LeBron James had established some sort of partnership to develop possible movies and TV shows.

SpringHill Entertainment, the company James co-founded with Maverick Carter, already produces television shows and web content, and James has expressed his desire to branch out into the entertainment world. (His largely praised role in Trainwreck is just a start.) "To be able to partner with Warner Bros. will allow me to do some things I've always dreamed of," James said in a statement.

To them, and everyone else, that seems like a pretty clear indicator of a sequel to Space Jam

You want more proof? Fine.

Deadspin also pointed out that Warner Bros. filed a new trademark for 'Space Jam' last month.


Whew, we are just in an orgy of 1990s renaissance here and it sure feels sticky. Between Xena Warrior Princess, a little Netflix thing called Fuller House, and some show called X Files or something, the entertainment industry just really wants you to feel the dread of mortality by showing how much everyone has aged.

That doesn't really apply to the cartoons in Space Jam or a rebooting with LeBron James but...

Already dreading the 2000s nostalgia train that will leave the station in about five years or so.