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The Russians secretly detected sounds out of deep space on May 15, 2015 at the Russian Academy of Science-operated RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia and ONLY NOW told the world about it.

The sounds--signal spikes--emitted from a 6.3-billion-year-old star in the constellation Hercules that is 95 light years away from Earth.

The Constellation Hercules

According to all the scientists, what's most notable about the sounds were how they fit the profile for being a PURPOSEFUL event sent by an extraterrestrial life in a civilization far more advanced than our own; like someone was specifically trying to reach out and talk to us.

The signal is so provocative that the Russian and at least two international teams of scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) are calling for permanent monitoring to be put on this target. The SETI Institute is using the Allen Telescope Array in northern California, while METI International is looking to the Boquete Optical SETI Observatory in Panama.

Space people, nerd out here.

The signal could also be radio interference or a gravitational event, but we're gonna be watching and hoping it's these little guys...

...and not THESE guys:

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Chvrches dedicated their song "Under the Tide" to Harambe while a Red Sox fan ran on the field in a "Harambe 69 Jersey" at Fenway Park on Sunday night:

Done in loving memory of Harambe #RIP

A video posted by Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) on

Not to be outdone though, an awesome Cincinnati school has made Harambe their new mascot for the football team, and decided to dance and drag a kid around during a game to celebrate "Harambe style" in front of a ton of soccer moms to glorious extent:

I don't know who made the final decision on this one--in the town that Harambe died in--but these kids kick serious ass for going this far!

Never change, you crazy gorilla-loving bastards. Never change.

trending news chipotle employees class action lawsuit wage theft
Via: CNN
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In the biggest class-action suit for wage theft against Chipotle so far, more than 9,961 current and former workers are suing the company. The suit claims that Chipotle allegedly made employees work extra hours "off the clock" without paying them, in a practice known as wage theft.

Actual Chipotle Customer

Chipotle blames "rogue managers" for not correctly following policy, but we just hope they give their workers their fare cash due.

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You can (pumpkin) spice up your life by chatting directly with a PSL Bot on Facebook Messenger.

Despite attempts, the bot stays kinda boring and clean and pretty stupid, but it was still fun to see what it threw out at me throughout the convo:


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If you're like me, you hate online ads. If you're also like me, you really don't study enough...

Well, the new Chrome extension V Energy AdNotes aims to help with all of that by replacing any ads on your webpages with study notes you can set up yourself. It takes a second or two to take over an ad, but then you can have whatever text or image you want appear there, like notes for an upcoming test:

They describe the extension like this:

"V AdNotes will help improve your study a bit by turning forgettable ads into memorable study notes.

It puts your study notes where ads usually go, so you're studying no matter what you do on the internet…

[insert porn gif here]

Just input your colour-coded subjects and add as many study notes as you like. You can turn your subjects on and off depending on what you're studying, and preview how each study note will look in the major banner ad sizes.

Now browse all the cat memes and autocorrect fails you like, because you'll be studying, a bit, the whole time."

This might just help me pass Scalable Architecture 101. Get it in the Chrome store here.

Via: The Trend
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In a modern moment of fear/paranoia, people heard a loud noise at LAX and spread word all over social media that there was an "active shooter" running around the airport, but thankfully, there wasn't, and the noise was just "something loud" that is currently unexplained.

But as people read RUMORS all over social media that an active shooter was present, chaos, fear and panic erupted as folks ran from three different terminals to escape to safety:

Somewhere in all the chaos, a man dressed as Zorro and wielding a plastic sword, got arrested :

Remember, use social media responsibly. Rumors help no one, but can hurt a lot.

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The MTV Video Music Awards were yesterday and here's all the hottest stuff that went down you need to know about today:

1. Drake Didn't Propose

Drake presented his actual girlfriend Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Vanguard award, but everyone thought he was gonna propose too.

Watch the whole sweet thing here.

2. She's back, bitch

Britney, that is. And she came out in full effect.

Everyone agreed that she killed it.

3. Kanye debuted a decent piece of music and HOT video in "Fade"

After an incoherent, motivational, rambling introduction, Kanye shocked the room with a HOT Flash Dance-themed video starring the uber-hot Teyana Taylor.

Check it for yourself here:

4. Beyonce.

She swept the awards, including Video of the Year for "Formation."

5. All the Winners

For a full winners list go here, and for video clips of the most awesome moments of a better-than-average VMA's, check it here:

...we still miss Prince and Bowie though.

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