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Panda Express announced today that it is considering using a new utensil called a "Chork" in it's restaurant locations, despite having a name that sounds like what happens when you eat too much Panda Express:

"Don't step there... I just chorked out my beef with broccoli."

It's a half-chopstick, half-fork contraption that could either fling plastic bits into your mouth, or make shovelling General Tso's into your gullet waaay easier...

Either way, the internet agrees the name is just stupid...

Rio Olympics Sexy Tinder Users
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RAWR, those Olympic bodies!

Rio athletes have been allocated 450,000 condoms, and it seems they intend to use them all.

Tinder use has been up, with an increase in matches of 129% in the Olympic Village over the weekend.

But with bodies like these...

...all we can be is jealous.

Read the full AP article here.

Via: cooltv810
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A Ryanair passenger missed the final boarding call for his flight. So what does a determined guy do? You chase down the tarmac to try and still catch your flight!

Needless to say, the ground crew members at Madrid's main international airport were stunned...

And yes, he was allowed to board the plane! This dude must be great at Pokemon Go!

trending national lazy day internet holiday
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Today is National Laziness Day, the most recent of made-up holidays and the internet can't get enough...

Yadda yadda yadda, laziness is supposedly a sign of intelligence... and my Editor wants more text here, but that's against the point of today, isn't it?

trending news subway employee drugs cop
Via: Uproxx
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Utah, America's northern-most Florida, has done it again.

A Subway employee in Layton decided to punk a cop by putting a cocktail of marijuana, THC and methamphetamine in his drink, as the world's dumbest free-gift-with-purchase idea.

A video shows the clerk leaning over the Officer's drink a little too long, and the unnamed Sergeant had his colleagues test his drink after he tried to drive back to the station and started to feel all wonky.

The Subway presumptive-former-employee is busy thinking about what he did in a jail cell right now.

trending food swedish fish oreos zoats pizza atm coffee water
Via: Delish
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So we here at The Daily What are hungry for something adventurous and awesome to try. So here's a roundup of some awesome new, weird, and just bad ideas in food that are trending today.

Two Words: PIZZA ATM

Xavier University in Cincinnati just got the world's first Pizza ATM and it broke the internet.

For nine dollars you can get a medium pizza 24-hours a day, fresh from the vending machine.

Applications to Xavier's Financial Aid office are available here.

Soylent Breakfast Coffee Food/Drink

Soylent has created a new breakfast drink called Coffiest that supposedly gives you a full breakfast AND coffee in one drink.

So far people are loving it...

...but if it tastes like regular Soylent, we might just be avoiding this one. If anyone tries this stuff, please leave a comment below and let me know how it works out for you.

The Trendiest Ramen Toppings

And then there's the ramen debate of 2016, accidentally instigated by Kylie Jenner.

By asking a simple question on Insta...

...she started Pasta-Gate. Everyone and their Mom weighed in on ramen toppings until that sh*t got old and they turned on her...

Personally, I like that big ol' salt packet they call "flavoring" on my ramen... and sadness. Because eating ramen is just sadness.

New Girl Scout Cookies!

Today is National S'mores Day and the Girl Scouts just released new Girl Scout's S'mores Cookies!

Everything those little lady-elves makes is so damn tasty, this one's definitely going on the list!


For veggie eaters who are actually really trying to become diabetic, the Zoats trend of mixing zucchini into your oatmeal and coating it in delicious toppings to negate the health-factor has lit a fire on Instagram.

With toppings like "Snickers Zoats," and "Eggwhite Vanilla," I can really get behind this food trend.

Bon Appetite!

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