Samsung's smart tv's will listen in on your personal conversations.
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The Cincinnati Zoo will say goodbye to one of its members soon, as Harapan the Sumatran rhino will return to Indonesia in hopes of saving the quickly vanishing population.

With less than 100 of his kind still in existence in the world, Harapan will leave to join a breeding program.

As Mashable states:

His species, also known as the "hairy rhino," is a descendant of Ice Age woolly ancestors. The zoo said their numbers have fallen by 90% since the '80s, in part due to deforestation in Southeast Asia and poaching for their horns.

A report published this month said that after years of searching for the Sumatran rhino in the forests of Malaysia, officials have declared that the animal has gone extinct in the Southeast Asian country.

Now, 8-year-old Harapan will go to his ancestral home to join 14-year-old Andalas, who has so far managed to sire one male offspring since arriving in Indonesia in 2007.

Here's some footage of Harapan frolicking around:

And here's some pictures of baby Sumatran rhinos being extremely precious:

Harapan, or 'Harry' as he's known to zoo keepers, is the last remaining Sumatran rhino in America.

We wish him luck.

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While filming the highly anticipated Star Trek Beyond the crew members of the Starship Enterprise decided to remember Leonard Nimoy.

It's a part of the Star Trek: To Boldly Go campaign, which has been raising money through Omaze for global causes chosen by the cast over the past month. In the final week, the cast decided to focus on one charity close to the late Mr. Nimoy's heart: The St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The description of the video tells more:

Zachary Quinto, the cast and crew of Star Trek Beyond honor the legacy of the late great Leonard Nimoy by spotlighting a charity near and dear to the actor's heart.

In addition to the grand prize of a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond, each week we're randomly selecting an additional winner to join the To Boldly Go Crew. The members of this honorary crew will visit the set, hang with the cast, and watch as they film scenes from the new film.

Every $10 entry supports nine global organizations each nominated by members of the cast. Check out other once-in-a-lifetime experiences at

It's a sweet tribute, especially coming from Quinto, the heir to the Vulcan ears. And surely, we can never remember the life of Leonard Nimoy enough.

Find more information or donate here.

Louisiana residents think welcome home signs are from ISIS
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Some Louisiana residents are pretty certain that ISIS is coming for them. 

They were tipped off by conspicuous signs popping up in the rural area of Gardner situated in the center of the state. 

Thankfully, it was not the Islamic extremist group and instead someone trying to be friendly. 

According to local news KALB:

The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office says signs that have popped up in Gardner depicting a message written in another language are written in Hebrew.

RPSO and KALB were contacted by several residents who were concerned about the signs and that they might have been terror message written in Arabic.

The sheriff's office says not to worry, they are actually "welcome home" signs written in Hebrew and not in anyway affiliated with ISIS.

This is just another reminder to not be friendly.

People will always think you are from ISIS. 

jang woo-seok,KISS,designer,mouth,coffee,lid
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Have you ever kissed a loved one and wished that hot coffee would come pouring out of their mouth and into yours?

Probably not. But one Korean designer wants to simulate that weird fantasy.

As Mashable writes:

Created by designer Jang Woo-Seok, the custom lid gives the illusion that you're drinking piping-hot coffee poured through the lips of another person. And who doesn't want that?

Woo-Seok thought up the design after noticing that existing coffee lids lacked flair of any kind. In an email with Mashable, Woo-Seok explained that while coffee can be obtained every day, you aren't always guaranteed a kiss. This lid aims to solve that problem.

"So I created it for my sexual desire. Just kidding," Woo-Seok added, aware of the design's peculiar nature.

That's not a very funny joke.

Woo-Seok describes it further on his Behance site:

Different from the other coffee lids which have a usual hole to put a straw or to drink directly, Take 'Kiss' Out looks like a human face. Therefore, a coffee drinker experiences a visually funny and emotionally different coffee-drinking when drinking.

Take-out coffee is a symbol of city culture and fashion.

Shape of a lip is a distinctive style, thereby the combination will be fun.

Yeesh. If you say so.

Madeline Madison is suing a porn studio after giving her brother a blowjob
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We're not sure how many OSHA laws this violates.

When Madeline Madison showed up to shoot Milk Maids 2 (the first one must have been a real success to spin off a sequel), she was confused why she wouldn't meet the man on whom she would perform fellatio. You know, for the fans out there.

In an interview covered inElite Daily Madison said:

The producers wouldn't let me meet the man I was sucking off beforehand, which I found odd, because normally we always meet and greet our scene partner. I like to make an emotional connection with my fellow actor before a scene. I even try to quickly fall in love with them, if I can, as it makes my job so much easier for me if I'm truly in love with the man I'm about ready to f*ck.

Seems like a tricky situation and one, in any other workplace, that would be a deal breaker.

But in the fast-paced, high-powered world of adult film, you commit to your sexual encounters.

Unfortunately, and allegedly unbeknownst to Madison, the fellatio scene was a glory hole romp that featured her little brother Chuck Tang on the other side of the wall.

When Madison found out, she said she was devastated and is suing the film company for $3.2 million.

The director, Jameel Mendoza, took this whole thing down to an even grosser level, by insisting Madison relates and incorrect version of the events.

She's a liar. [She] will do anything for money. We normally would have paid a third-rate talent like her $25 for a single glory hole scene, but we agreed to $100 because it was with her brother. Let's not forget this is the same girl who allowed herself to be penetrated by the head of a dead Anaconda in Snake Hole. She has no moral standards.


If you're looking for someone to blame for this buffet of sin, Madison hints that you should point your finger at Japan.

The company doesn't show real inc*st with past titles, but with me and my little brother being known, they've now caught real inc*st on camera which will make them billions in Japan. The Japanese love inc*st.

Who would have thought the adult film industry was so full of unsavory characters?

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We told you last week about Banky's newest huge art installment/amusement park.

But in case you needed a further examination on whether or not you should spend your honeymoon there, Banksy released this promotional film Aug. 25.

It actually gives a really detailed view of the variety of art and 'attractions' that awaits for every uncomfortable family visit, ending in disagreements about contemporary art and nihilism.

It's also just pretty damn despondent and unsettling, which is of course, the point.

The bemusement park will last until Sept. 27 and costs a very reasonable £3.

And according to the website, children under 5 get in free.

An Austrian's silent single has hit number one in support of refugees.
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In an attempt to aid the flood of refugees entering Austria, as well as protest the government's policies regarding them, one musician dropped a pretty unique single Aug. 21. And his countrymen and women are listening.

Those escaping Middle Eastern conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan have run into some pretty unwelcoming European governments and Raoul Haspel wanted to do something about it.

He 'recorded' a minute of silence, released it and it quickly over took Austria's charts.

According to Reuters:

Proceeds from Raoul Haspel's track Schweigeminute ("Minute's Silence"), which beat German DJ Robin Schulz to capture top spot through pre-orders alone earlier this week, will go toward aid for people in the asylum processing center in Traiskirchen.

More than 2,000 refugees in Traiskirchen have been sleeping in the open for weeks, braving heat of around 40 degrees Celsius and rainstorms wrapped in blankets on the grass, and Amnesty International last week called their treatment "scandalous".

Children who had fled alone from countries like Afghanistan and Syria have been offered no psychological care, women have had to use mixed showers, and a baby with a concussion was left next to a bus on a parking lot, the human rights group said.

Haspel futher explained his usage of silence for the protest/charity song:

"I chose silence because everybody has such a strong opinion on the situation, and the debate just gets louder and louder each time... arguments and protests are not being heard anymore, people are becoming fed up and not paying attention as before."

This is all very inspiring and a righteous cause, but it also completely, totally reminds us of this:

Pootie done did it again.

Haspel's track is available at at iTunes, Google Play and at Amazon.

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