Fail of The Day: Store Pulls 'For Her' Pink Pencils After Online Backlash
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Women need pink pencils. How else are they supposed to write down things like their grocery list and wedding plans? DUH.

That, obviously, sounds ridiculous. But that is the message one blogger thinks UK department store John Lewis was making with their pink "For Her" pencils.

After online backlash, the store told Mashable they would pull the pencils from shelves.

The pencils features sayings like "Girl Boss," "Glamorous" and "Buy The Shoes!"

Writer Hannah Dunleavy had some things to say about them:

Yes indeed, if you are heading to an important meeting, nothing says 'respect me' more than a pink pencil with the words Girl Boss on. I only hope no one makes the mistake of taking the 'Buy The Shoes!' pencil into a meeting and has to leave to go shopping. Can you imagine!

But seriously, women love shoes, don't they? And glitter and bling and smelling roses. It's a wonder we get anything done at all.

On the other hand, some women saw no problem at all with the pink pencils.

To each their own?

Middle Finger of The Day: Charlie Hebdo's Response to The Paris Attacks is Perfect
Via: afpfr
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Charlie Hebdo just sent a huge middle finger to ISIS.

The cover of the controversial magazine, which had its offices attacked and 12 killed by terrorists in January, ran the cover below following the Paris attacks last week.

Terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for killing 129 people around Paris in a series of coordinated bombings and shootings that has rocked the world.

The cover of the magazine features a man chugging champagne while it pours out of what appears to be bullet holes.

"They have weapons… F*ck them, we have champagne!" the captions says.


Trend of The Day: People Are Faking Their Freckles For Beauty
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The grass is always greener on the other side—the freckle side that is.

A new company called Freck Yourself has launched a Kickstarter in hopes of funding their product, which promises to add natural-looking freckles to your body that last for two days.

If funded, the pack of 72 self-adhesive stencils would be available as early as February 2016.

The product promises to create natural freckles, which can't be achieved through traditional makeup.

There have always been two problems with creating artificial freckles. First, it's really hard to create a realistic pattern. Natural freckles have a random pattern & sizing variation, but freckles applied with a pencil are all the same shape of the pencil tip. Second, pencil or makeup freckles smudge really easily. Our product solves both of these problems.

So, will you get frecked?

Called Out of The Day: Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Blasts Charlie Sheen Over Not Disclosing HIV Status
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Charlie Sheen sat down for an interview on the Today Show Tuesday morning where he disclosed his HIV-positive status.

Since then, things have only gotten worse for the actor.

According to TMZ, at least six women have hired lawyers to pursue cases against Sheen for allegedly not disclosing his HIV status before having intercourse.

Popular adult film star Lisa Ann took to Twitter to blast Sheen over the accusations, calling him "bizarre" and "reckless."

Sheen said in the interview that he always told sexual partners about his status.

"Yes, I have," he said. "No exceptions."

But with women coming forward, like girlfriend and former porn star Bree Olson, to say they had no idea—this story seems far from over.

Social Media Frenzy of The Day: Patti LaBelle's Pies Sell Out in Record Numbers From Walmart
Via: Yahoo
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"You'll turn into Patti LaBelle after eating this."

That's a promise YouTuber James Wright "Chanel" made in a musical review of the singer's new sweet potato pie. And the people listened.

Walmart's across the country are running out of the tasty pies.

From Yahoo:

Walmart representative John Forrest Ales confirmed to Yahoo Food that the sweet potato pies are selling like hot cakes (er, pies) at locations across the country. "For 72 hours, we were selling one per second," he told us. Ales wouldn't go into specifics about sales figures, but at $3.48 a pie, that works out to just under $1 million in sales over the weekend. The pie's product page is currently the most-visited food site on, Ales said.

Those who couldn't get a pie are pretty upset.

And if you can't wait for Walmart to stock back up, the $3.49 pies are being sold on Ebay for ridiculous prices.

Via: Jeje125
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It seems like it would be a daunting task as a parent to explain a tragedy like the recent Paris attacks to your young child.

But this father finds the perfect way to explain to his son why they must stay in Paris and persevere. And he teaches us all something as well.

In an interview with Le Petit Journal, the son laments that his family must move because "bad guys" have guns.

"It's OK, they might have guns but we have flowers," the father calmly explains.

Obviously perplexed, the father explains that the flowers and candles being placed at memorials help everyone remember those lost. And in turn, creates a more peaceful world.

emoji dictionary words Dictionary First of the Day: Face With Tears of Joy Emoji Has Been Named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015
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This is the first time that a pictograph has been used as a Word of the Year. According to the Oxford Dictionaries blog, 😂 was the best word they could come up with that captured the "ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015"

The chart below shows the rise in usage of the 😂 emoji, making it the most used emoji worldwide.

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