Game of the Day: Bacon Scented Lottery Ticket Could Win You a 20-Year Supply of Bacon

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Imagine if you never had pay for bacon ever again… or at least for the next 20 years.

Well now that’s a possibility, thanks to the Hoosier Lottery in Indiana.

They have unveiled a new $2 scratch off game this week called “Bringin’ Home the Bacon,” which is both bacon-scented and gives you the chance to win 20 years worth of the artery-clogging deliciousness.

You can also win up to $10k in cash to pay for all those medical bills from your cardiologist.

The website promoting the new ticket includes a bacon quiz, bacon recipes, a link to Facebookasking you debate Tongs vs Forks, and a “Bacon Cam” where you can watch some strips sizzle in a frying pan.

There are also various events around the state associated with the game (in partnership with Indiana Pork), including one at the Indiana State Far in August.

Now you can gamble with your money and your health.

Thanks ‘Murica!

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Food of the Day: Little Caesars Unveils New Pizza Wrapped in 3.5 Feet of Bacon

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Come February 23, Little Caesars Pizza is single-handedly going to give everyone in America a heart attack.

The company announced Wednesday that it will begin selling a new deep dish pizza with a crust that is wrapped in 3.5 feet of bacon.

It will contain two different types of bacon and will also be covered in pepperoni, because you need to eat more meat.

"It's unabashedly delicious," said Little Caesars spokesman Edward Gleich. "That's why we like to say, 'In Bacon We Crust!'"

This is just the latest in a long line of fast food monstrosities which get a lot of a attention online for their freakish nature and often unhealthy ingredients.

Recently KFC in the Philippines introduced us to a new iteration of its "Double Down sandwich, the "Double Down Dog," which consists of a hot dog covered in melted cheese with a piece of fried chicken as the bun.

And Pizza Hut in Australia announced back in December that it was selling a stuffed crust pizza covered in Doritos.

Little Caesars' Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish will cost $12 and be available until April… or when our arteries are sufficiently clogged.

'Merica of the Day: The Motorcycle That Runs on Bacon Grease

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Om Nom Nom of the Day: A Thanksgiving Care Package!

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In celebrating the annual American tradition of glutton fest that we call Thanksgiving, a group of YouTube's well-known food vloggers from Epic Meal Time, My Drunk Kitchen and Feast of Fiction team up to cook up a greasy smörgåsbord for Someone Cares Soup Kitchen.

So These Exist of the Day

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The summer grilling season might be coming to a close, but bacon-wrapped hot dog season is eternal.


Bacon Song of the Day

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It may be the latest musical ode to bacon, but it's certainly not the first.

Join the Meat Wizard and spread the salty gospel.


Obvious Fix of the Day

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No matter the ailment/imposition/narwhal attack, Rhett and Link remind us: Rub some bacon on it.

(Don't forget to look for the annotations hidden throughout the video.)