Animal of the Day: Hero Dog Thinks Owner is Drowning, Comes to the Rescue

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Meet lifeguard dog.

Man’s best friend? No, man’s greatest friend.

After his owner sticks his head under water for a few moments, this observant guy thinks something isn’t quite right.

So he acts fast and leaps into the water to save him.

Watch this hero come to rescue and even drag the man out of the water by gripping his hand.

Ad of the Day: Mop Dog Finds a Friend in New Dr. Pepper Commercial

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Never before has a soda commercial made you feel so many things all at once.

In this new ad for Dr. Pepper, a lonely stray mop dog is wandering the streets looking for a friend.

He finds one in a compassionate delivery truck driver, but will he keep him?

You’ll have to watch to find out.

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Animal of the Day: French Bulldog Puppy is Quick Learner

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It really doesn't get any cuter than this.

Brody Brixton is a 12-week-old French Bulldog, and he is pretty much the smartest puppy ever.

Watch him perform lots of tricks – including ringing a little bell for treats – all of which were learned in just 4 days, according to his owner in the video's caption.

They are training Brody to one day become a therapy dog.

Animal of the Day: Dog is Really Sorry for Chewing Her Bed

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This dog decided to make a meal out of her own bed, and this guy caught her in the act.

So the two sit down for a serious discussion about her poor life choice that involves lots of cuddling and tail wagging.

Her master may not be happy when he gets home, but it's going to be pretty hard to stay angry at that furry little face.

Art of the Day: Dog Dresses Up as Animals for Christmas Cards

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As part of an annual tradition, British photographer Peter Thorpe dresses his dog Raggle up in various costumes for his Christmas cards.

Each photo is created using elaborate props as opposed to Photoshop, and for 2014, they went with a mouse theme.

This year will be her last, however, as she will be retiring from modeling due to her old age, according to his blog.

Here are a few of the photos from previous years, and you can view more on his website.


Animal of the Day: Derby the Dog Has 3D-Printed Paws

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Using 3D printed prosthetics, Derby the dog can now walk and run for the first time in his life.

He was born with small forearms and no front paws like a furry little T-Rex, and he could only move around on soft surfaces as a result of the deformity.

So 3D Systems created some new legs for him using a 3D scanner and a multi-material 3D printer that could build both the sturdy base and comfortable rubber cups.

“He runs with Sherri and I every day, at least two to three miles,” said his owner Dom Portanova. “When I saw him sprinting like that on his new legs it was just amazing.”

Watch him in action in the video above.



Religious News of the Day: Pope Confirms That All Dogs Go to Heaven

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Good news for your dearly departed Fluffy.

At a recent appearance in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis consoled a young boy whose dog had died saying: "Paradise is open to all of God's creatures."

This is contradictory to traditional Roman Catholic beliefs that animals don't have souls as well as the views of the previous pope, Pope Benedict XVI.

Benedict gave a sermon in 2008 in which he said that after an animal dies, it "just means the end of existence on earth."

The Humane Society is praising the comments, and PETA thinks this might now turn everyone into a vegan.

As an animal lover, Pope Francis (whose name comes from the patron saint of animals, St. Francis of Assisi) also received two donkeys as an early Christmas present this year.