WTF of the Day: Woman Walks Dog Dressed as Abominable Snowman

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If you live in Allouez, Wisconsin, you may have recently noticed a giant snow monster roaming the city streets with a poodle.

No, no one spiked your eggnog. This is all too real.

A woman calling herself "Bumble" has been spotted walking around the neighborhood dressed as the Abominable Snow Monster of the North from "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" with her dog named Blizzard.

After images of the duo spread online, residents were all like WTF?

According to Fox 11:

When asked what she was doing walking the streets of Allouez, Bumble said she was visiting from Misfit Island.

She also said she is simply there to "bring joy, happiness."

But she forgot to mention "terror," and "confusion."

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Mystery of the Day: What’s the Deal with this Green Cat in Bulgaria?

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An emerald green cat that has been lurking around the Black Sea resort of Varna, Bulgaria has people both confused and enraged.

Is it photoshopped? An act of animal cruelty by local hooligans? An alien life form?

According to the latest reports, none of the above.

It was recently discovered that the cat has been sleeping in an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint, and each day the color is getting darker.

Great - now will someone in Bulgaria please adopt this poor creature before it has to spend another night in that pile of ooze?

Documentary of the Day: Dogs Riding in Sidecars with Bikers

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Everyone knows dogs love to stick their furry faces out car windows, letting their slobbery tongues and ears flap freely on the open road.

But did you know they also love motorcycles?

A new film called "Sit Stay Ride," from husband-wife filmmakers Eric and Geneva Ristau, tells the story of 18 bikers and their 15 badass canine copilots.

The documentary was funded in large part through a Kickstarter campaign, and it is now available on DVD and Vimeo on Demand, with a portion of the proceeds going to the American Humane Society and other animal charities.

Animal of the Day: German Shepherd Hates Mr. Trololo

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His howls are saying "for the love of god please stop."

Maximus the German Shepherd does not like the sound of that creepy Russian trololo song, nor does he enjoy it when his owner sings it in the bathroom.

We feel for you Maximus.

This is How Buffalo’s Dogs are Dealing with the Blizzard

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Two words: Poop cave.

Tragic Struggle of the Day: Dog Wants Stray Tater Tot

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If only he was just a little bit taller or had opposable thumbs!

Argus the dog needed that delicious tot so bad, you can see it in his eyes. Sadly, all of his hard work doesn't pay off in the end, but maybe as a society we can still find a way to make this happen. A "Tater Tots for Argus" Kickstarter, perhaps?

Cute Video of the Day: Baby Crawling for First Time as Dog Watches

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Wait for it…

There's a lot of terrible stuff going on in the world these days, so just stay inside and watch this video of a baby crawling for the first time instead.