fast food image McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Give New Meaning to Empty Calories
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McDonald's has apparently been handing out mozzarella sticks with no mozzarella in them.  Several disappointed customers have turned to Twitter to share photos of the sad looking "hollow breading" sticks. These images have gone viral as the rest of the world sympathizes with these unfortunate people's lack of snack.   

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Those poor people. 

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Hong Kong just went next level with the fast food dining experience.

We associate Mickey D's with grease-soaked, hastily-fried, platters of 'do I really want the salad this time, or anytime though?'

Who would've thought McDonald's would've introduced classy presentations--we're talking burgers on cutting boards--fresh ingredients, for the freshest salads; and even insta-fame-worthy lattes with artful twists that'd color any hipster grateful.

last mcdonalds burger sold in iceland six years later
Via: Reykjavik Bus Hostel
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In 2009, during the Icelandic economic collapse, McDonalds shut its golden arches on the country and left it without hideous processed McBurgers to clog Icelandic arteries. A man named Hjörtur Smárason purchased up the very last cheeseburger sold in the country, but rather than consume it, he left it on a shelf in his garage for a three years. When next he looked at it, he realized the burger hadn't aged a day, and donated it to the national museum, where it sat in storage for another year.

Eventually the burger made its way to the Reykjavik Bus Hostel, where it's now on display 24/7 via live webcam and occasionally on Instagram when it goes on field trips. The burger seems a little dry more than 2200 days after it was made, but is still, grossly, totally edible looking:

Fast Food of The Day: McDonald's in Japan Will Sell a 48-Piece Chicken Nugget Meal
Via: Kotaku
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48 chicken nuggets, 2,256 calories, no regrets.

McDonald's in Japan is planning on offering a 48-piece chicken nugget meal. The United States currently offers a 40-piece, so maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal.

But it is. Because the largest current chicken nugget meal in Japan is a 15-piece.

From Kotaku:

Likewise, the offer is for a limited time only. It's available only in Niigata Prefecture and part of a promotional tie-up with the the newly launched pop group NGT48, the Niigata-based spin-off of the massively popular idol unit AKB48. The groups tend to have around 48 members (sometimes more, sometimes less), divided up into different teams. That's a lot of idols. That's okay, this is a lot of nuggets. Forty-eight nuggets is surely a whole chicken, no? Fifty has to be.

King Curtis is very happy with this decision.

Risky Move of The Day: McDonald's is Officially Killing The Dollar Menu
Via: AP
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The Dollar Menu is dead.

It has been a slow death for the popular Dollar Menu at McDonald's. But a new menu called the "McPick 2," which allows customers to choose between a McDouble, a McChicken, small fries and mozzarella sticks for $2, is taking its place.

The company hopes this will bring customers back who have left since the death of the Dollar Menu.

From the AP:

Whether the McPick menu catches on remains to be seen.

In an attempt to wean customers off the Dollar Menu in 2012, McDonald's rolled out an "Extra Value Menu" that offered items for a range of prices. After that failed to take hold, the company turned to the "Dollar Menu & More," which channeled a proven name but may have confused people with its range of prices.

McDonald's isn't alone in struggling to get customers to let go of the $1 price. Wendy's tried replacing its 99-cent menu with a "Right Price Right Size" menu, but acknowledged the switch wasn't doing the job. Last month, it began promoting a limited-time "4 for $4" deal that includes a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries and a drink.

Your McGangBang dreams are pretty much over, America.

We weep for you.

Via: Detroit Free Press
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This McDonald's employee definitely wasn't lovin' it.

The company told reporters Wednesday that an employee captured in a video luring a homeless man to the drive-through window in Detroit with a hamburger, and then throwing water in his face, has been fired.

"Hey, Willie. Come here. You want a sandwich?" the unnamed employee can be heard yelling before throwing the cup of water.

McDonald's franchisee Wise Finley said he was disturbed by the "inappropriate" incident and took action to fire the employee.

"This type of behavior is not tolerated in my organization. I expect my employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and this was unacceptable," Finley told the Detroit Free Press.

McDonald's will let you get reservations and be waited on in some Sweden locations.
Via: Yahoo News
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"The lady will have a Big Mac."

McDonald's has been going through a tough time, recently. Globally it seems like people are realizing that heavily processed fast food rich in fats and sugars might not be the best bet for a long and happy life.

So, the giant chain has gone back to the drawing board with random things like a new hamburglar and this latest ploy to get some golden arches fans in Sweden.

At a few locations, McDonald's will try taking reservations for tables and having a wait staff to take orders. This according to Yahoo News:

Burger lovers can book a table online at a Swedish website that offers that service for many restaurants -- in many price ranges -- around the country. The McDonald's customer will have to order at least two items from the menu for one to four people.

The home of the Big Mac is testing reservations and table service in a country that has been a difficult market. McDonald's has faced fierce competition there from US rival Burger King and Swedish chain Max.

But this latest experiment seems to undermine the whole idea of fast food.

"It's innovative but at the same time it's going backwards in the world of the restaurant industry," where the concept of fast food was invented in the 1950s, said Nicolas Nouchi, analyst at CHD Expert.

We can't really imagine what it would be like to sit at a table and have some poor person take your order for chicken nuggets and a large fry. But Swedes love competent service from all food vendors.

McDonald's should just tell Sweden about the secret menu, including the unfortunately-named McGangBang.