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The third GOP presidential debate is tonight, and once again the candidates will face off on issues ranging from gun control and abortion to the economy and job creation.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and John Kasic will participate in the debate.

While there are stark differences between the GOP and Democratic politicians running for the highest office, are normal Americans really that different?

Cut produced the video above where they had 60 Democrats and 60 Republicans answer different questions.

The results were pretty amazing.

Should children born in the US to undocumented immigrants be deported?

Would Donald Trump make a good president?

The blue shirts (Democrats) and red shirts (Republicans) were mixed on a lot of the answers.

We aren't so different, after all!

Catch the GOP debate on CNBC tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Trump of The Day: The Donald Says Life Hasn't Been Easy For Him, Dad Gave Him 'Small' Loan of $1 Million
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Life has not been easy for Donald Trump.

He wants you to know this. He also just gave his opponents the most perfect political attack ad ever created.

During an interview on the Today Show, the billionaire and Republican presidential frontrunner lamented at how difficult building his business had been.

"It has not been easy for me," he said. "I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of $1 million, and I came into Manhattan."

Just a small loan of $1 million. How can anyone expect to succeed with such a small loan?!

But Trump persevered, you see.

Donald Trump: Mr. Boot Straps and 45th President of The United States

Election of The Day: If Opal Covey Doesn't Win The Toldeo Mayorship, Destruction Will Follow
Via: NBC 24
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Opal Covey has been sent by God to run the city government of Toledo...or else.

The five-time mayoral candidate is running for mayor once again because God told her to, of course.

The self-identified prophetess had a lot to say in a recent interview about her campaign, which is mostly known for wanting to build theme parks in the city.

"Thank you, Jesus," she told NBC24, after speaking in tongues.

"That was a confirmation, if people don't give me what I earned in 2013 back, and I'm not on that seat in November, then you'll see God visit the city in the greatest destruction you've ever seen."

Here's some bonus footage of her speaking in tongues and calling for God's wrath against someone who didn't support her campaign.

Elect Opal Covey, Toledo. For all of our souls.

Hot Dude of The Day: Canada's New Prime Minister Heats up The Internet
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There's a new hunk causing a stir online, and we can only blame Canada.

Justin Trudeau, the 42-year-old leader of the Liberal party, was elected yesterday as the second youngest ever Canadian Prime Minister.

His election made history for this reason, and got Americans interested in Canadian politics for the first time ever. But people only seemed to notice once thing: Trudeau is a total beef cake.

They couldn't help but notice that Canada just got a major upgrade.

Here's Trudeau doing a striptease for a charity event. fans self

God Bless you, Canada.

Trade agreement and chill?

Snapchat of the Day: Malia Obama Spotted Playing Beer Pong at Brown University
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BREAKING NEWS: College kids like to play beer pong.

A Snapchat image gathered by The Daily Caller appears to show President Obama's oldest daughter, Malia, playing a game of beer pong.

The high school senior was reportedly attending a frat party at Brown University as part of her college touring process.

But Malia might want to reconsider choosing Brown. The students there appear to be a bunch of snitches that have absolutely no chill.

It has been noted on social media that everyone should calm down about Malia playing a game of beer pong.

Bush twins, anyone?

Front-runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and three other dudes no one has ever heard of) met last night for the first Democratic presidential debate of 2015.

There was serious debate on serious issues, and then a ton of what Americans really care about: Dank memes.

Who won the debate? The Internet won, of course.

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Via: IJReview
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It seems like only yesterday that Donald Trump gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham's actual phone number.

Oh wait. It was.

Well, Graham came back July 22 with this cloying video of him destroying a number of phones in answer to Trump's taunting, juvenile move.

The video says nothing about any issues, the campaign, justice, America, et al. Instead, it says everything about what we can look forward to over the next year and a half until the general election silences some of this attention-grabbing nonsense.

However, Graham's video just raises a really, really important question:

Does a 2016 Presidential candidate really still use a flip phone?

Politics in the 21st Century, ladies and gentlemen

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