saved by the max recreates the max from saved by the bell for nostalgia and french fries
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If your dream is to sit A.C. Slater-style at a booth at the Max, you’re in luck because this pop-up diner inspired by the after-school classic, Saved By The Bell, is coming to town.

Saved By The Max brings the fictional diner from Saved By The Bell to life and offers you a chance to eat just like those hilarious Bayside teens. Based in Chicago, Saved By The Max is a pop-up diner that will soon be heading out on the road. In this video, Mr. Belding himself announces the touring pop-up diner is coming, following “one final semester in Chicago. You don’t even have to be addicted to caffeine pills to enjoy it.

via Saved By The Max

The whole thing looks almost too real compared to the TV show, even if it seems unlikely that the fictional Max would have menu items named after their best customers, such as “A.C. Sliders,” “The Tori Fried Chicken,” and the terribly unimaginative “Mr. Belding’s Fries.” Still, pretty sweet that Tori got a menu item, despite the fact that her stint on the show makes no sense.

The Huffington Post visited their Chicago location a few months ago. Be forewarned, if you’re allergic to dayglo, avert your eyes.


via The Huffington Post

woman has fiances car turned into chicken nugget on carjackers on e4
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Q: What part of the chicken is the nugget? A: The carburetor.

The Frankenstein’s monster to Pimp My Ride’s Frankenstein, the E4 show Carjackers is the new thing we all have to worry about. On Carjackers, apparently, people have their car stolen by a loved one and turned into something horrible. Case in point, this woman turned her fiancé's car into a chicken nugget.

Let’s run that one again: Someone turned their fiancé’s care into a chicken nugget.

 via bratwurstspawnbaby

Sarah, the carjacker in question, decided that because her husband is “the chicken nugget man," he needs a “nugget mobile.” Just saying, if you’re future spouse is the chicken nugget anything, they should also be single again.

To be sure, the car looks awful and totally inedible. It’s the color of one of those foam pits you jump into at someone's gymnastics birthday party. Thankfully, you can’t smell through a TV set.

Also, to be sure that everyone knows what they’re looking at, i.e. not a car covered in scrambled eggs, it has a decal on the windshield reading “I <3 NUGGETS.”

Wait, they also turned a car into a giant dog.

via The Mirror

Humanity, just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this.

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You’ll shoot your eye out, or will you?

Don’t you want to know if a bb gun can shoot your eye out will? What about if you put a blow torch on your head for seven seconds? If a 95mph snowball hurts?

Now, before you run out and try them for yourself, these "professionals" tested them out for themselves. From A Christmas Story to Home Alone, these two test out the most famous Christmas movie myths. Watch as they shoot a cow eye with a bb gun, test a 95mph snowball, and more. The results may shock you.


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We all love Star Wars, but you know what would make it even better. Exactly. Hamsters.

The folks over at Mashable have heard a million voices cry out and then silence them. No longer will we waste our time on substandard Star Wars movies or puzzles, because “Hamster Wars” is here.

Watch as the massive Darth Hamster gnaws at his subordinates or as Luke Wheel-walker rescue the galaxy. It’s Star Wars in two minutes. It’s adorable. Enjoy.

happy days star scott baio attacked by red hot chili peppers drummer wife over trump
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Looks like Charles isn’t so in charge these days, unless he’s charge-ing someone with assault.

Note to self: Punch up that lead. Pun intended. Let’s try another.

2016 has officially jumped the shark.

Note to self: That’s the one.

Apparently, Scott Baio has filed a police report against the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Nancy Mack. Attending a school event, where both of their children attend, Mack allegedly confronted Baio, one of the president-elect’s most ardent supports, and berated him, grabbed him, and screamed “Grab ‘em by the pussy” at him.

As the Fonz would say, “Hey… if the president can say it.”

via Gifsoup

Well, apparently, that’s what Mack said too, inadvertently quoting the Fonz. She was merely “trying to show Baio how Trump hugs women,” TMZ reports. “Baio asked Nancy to stop, but he claims she kept repeating the comment because she felt everyone needed to hear it, cause Trump used it. Baio told cops at that point Mack attacked him, grabbing him under his arms and then shaking and pushing him.”

If only he still had his powers from the movie Zapped!, you know, where Scott Baio plays a teen with the superpower of being able to remove women’s clothes with his mind. Actually that probably would’ve made the situation a lot worse, especially considering she’s bringing up the time the president-elect admitted to sexually assaulting women because “when you’re a star, they let do it.”

Anyway, sit on it, 2016. Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah. Up your nose with a rubber hose. Wait, that’s Welcome Back, Kotter.


space enthusiasts send pie into space to see if it will cook better
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Life hack: If your oven’s on the fritz, try sending a pie to space. Wait, what?

A crew of space fanatics called SentIntoSpace, who refuse to clean their oven or something, attached a camera and GPS to a meat and potato pie and sent this baby to space. Eat your heart out, Easy Bake Oven.

According to Mashable, SentIntoSpace claims that they wanted to see if the flight into space altered the molecular structure of the pie, making it easy to bake.

“It was hoped that the pie would freeze as it soared from the earth's crust and would be cooked as it speeded up on re-entry.” 

But we all know that it was just because their oven was broken or worse, they don’t know how to use that thing. You know, sometimes it’s just better to ask how to use it. Call your dad or something. Google it. I don’t know.


christmas snow inspiring - 8996434688
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When you sit on Santa’s lap what do you ask for? A puppy? Rollerskates? For grandpa to still be alive?

Well, these little girls wanted nothing more than a white Christmas. But one cannot control the weather — not yet anyway — leaving this dad, and defacto Santa Claus, out in the cold. But this isn’t the time for sitting down. This when you lace up your snow boots and get to work.

Asif Sheikk of London ordered a truck of snow to order roughly three tons of snow to a communal garden near his house to create a small patch of winter wonderland.

via The Daily Mail

"It was a bit of a race to get it all set up before the girls woke,” he told The Daily Mail. "I had to make sure my wife kept the curtains closed while I built the snowman and placed the cameras. It was a lot of effort but it was so worth it just to see their faces – they totally loved it.”

Check out the video for yourself and let your heart be warmed already.

tsa posts sad story of abandonded teddy bear hoax
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The TSA is hilarious. No really. When they aren’t making you take off your shoes, belt, and checking your loaded gun, they’re posting abandonded, sad-looking teddy bears on Instagram.

On their Instagram, which is usually reserved for weird weapons and laptops left at security, the TSA posted a picture of this abandoned plush bear, complete with sad backstory.

via Nini

They write:

Why does this gigantic teddy bear look so sad? He was abandoned by his owners at LAX after the airline and TSA determined that he was just too big to be screened as a carry-on and taken on the plane. It’s a good idea to check with your airline prior to traveling with overly large items as carryons. If you see this wayward bear strolling the streets of LA, please feel free to feed him.

Not only is "feeding the bears" terrible advice that will get you eaten, but also they're just gonna throw thing in the street? Not exactly. Because it’s 2016 and every sad story has a cynical addendum that leaves us questioning this whole humanity thing, this turned out to be a hoax.

They later updated their post to include:

After watching a YouTube video posted by the traveler, we’ve learned that he’s a popular YouTuber and this was a stunt to see if he could get the giant bear on the plane. He even made up a backstory that the bear was a gift for his girlfriend. The bear did not belong to a child. The passenger had actually bought a ticket for the bear. After the airline and TSA decided the bear was too large, the airline offered to refund the ticket and the traveler was given the option of checking the bear as checked baggage. The traveler opted not to check the bear and left it behind.

via @tsa

Way to play with our emotions, TSA. Now, can I put my shoes back on.

H/T Mashable

cbc reporter questions squirrel about damaged christmas lights in toronto
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Councilman John Filion believes that the squirrels are behind this. He said the city will be installing some squirrel-proof lights so citizens can get “the warm fuzzies.”

The free press marches on.

Journalists speak truth to power — no matter how nuts their subject might be.

via CBC

That’s the case here, when a Canadian reporter tried to talk to a squirrel regarding some damaged Christmas lights. Apparently, squirrels have been chewing through the lights in Mel Lastman Square in Toronto, leaving the area in a holiday blackout. Finally, the citizens of Toronto and Whoville have something in common. Still the pen is mightier than the tooth, and one brave journalist vowed to get to the bottom of this. Watch below as CBC reporter tries to get some answers from this "furry grinch."

via CBC

brooklyn ny kid giving therapy in the subway
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It can be hard to find a good therapist, so sometimes you just have to take what you can get. In New York City, look no farther than the subway.

Taking a page right out of Peanuts, this 11-year-old is offering emotional advice in a Brooklyn, NY subway station for $2 a pop. Ciro Ortiz, a 6th grader from Brooklyn, might not have the qualifications to offer therapy, but that hasn’t stopped him from stop him from laying out some hard truths, like telling this dude who’s bummed that his girlfriend is vegan to “deal with it.”


A photo posted by Robert (@therobboggess) on

According to the New York Post, Ciro has brings in about $50 on a good day, and that’s with office hours between 12pm and 2pm. Imagine if he expanded. That’s not likely to happen, though. Ciro, who hates school, has plans to become a video-game developer.

via @emotionaladvicekid

Wise beyond his years, the Post got a little advice of their own from Ciro.

The most common problem he’s seen, Ciro said, is adults having trouble dealing with change.

“They feel a certain way in the past and when they look [back] in hindsight, they say things were so much better back then,” he said.

His advice? “We have to accept [change]. It’s going to happen — it’s always going to happen. Life is always changing.”

H/T Gothamist

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You ever have one of those dreams where you’re trying to make a statement about asbestos in parliament, but your singing tie keeps going off? It’s a classic.

However, for one memeber of Irish Parliment, it was a reality. 

via Justin Guitar

This Irish MP unexpectedly to imbued his statements about asbestoswith a little Christmas cheer. As he stood up to deliver his remarks to his fellow parliament members, his tie began playing a little version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It was a little musical accompaniment to the words “exposure to asbestos.”

This might be a great new tactic to people onboard about the dangers of asbestos. It’ll appeal to kids and elves, for sure.

Via Uber
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Wouldn’t be great if your Uber driver didn’t have to put their hands on the wheel and could spend all their time looking at their phone?

That Utopia is now a reality for San Fransisco users in need of a ride somewhere.

Uber, the ride-share company that has all sorts of problems with labor and drivers assaulting riders, is cutting out the driver entirely. They are launching a fleet of self-driving cars to pick people up and drive them to the airport.


Of course, there are still people in the driver’s seat for the time being, but it’s only a matter of time before Uber realizes that the car can just drive itself, hence the name “self-driving car.”

Actually, there's a spefic reason for the driver: Legal loopoles! Because they’re the bad boys of the ride-share industry, they don't have to follow the law for these cars, which aren’t really street legal yet.

According to NPR, “Uber has started offering rides in self-driving cars in San Francisco without a permit for autonomous vehicles — defying state regulators, who say the permit is mandatory.”

Wired magazine suggests Uber is exploiting a loophole of sorts, noting that the regulations, as written, apply to cars that have ‘the capability’ of driving without a person monitoring them. Uber is effectively arguing that its cars' autonomy ‘isn't good enough’ to require a permit, Wired writes.”

Isn’t that great, putting your life in the hands of a company who exploits a loopole because self-driving cars are cool or something?

via Reddit

two kentucky men butt dial 911 while discussing plan to rob bbq place
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Step aside, Nobel Prize winners, because these dudes are right on your tails.

Presumably after discussing nuclear physics, two Kentucky men allegedly moved their conversation to more pressing matters: Robbing a BBQ restaurant where the local police chief just happened to be eating at. How did the chief find out? Well, these two guys, who just have to be direct descendants of Einstein or something, pocket dialed 911 while they were discussing the plans.

via Wiffle Gif

A local NBC affiliate picked up the story, reporting:

“According to the Danville Advocate Messenger, police say two suspects were sitting inside their car outside of Brothers' BBQ, discussing their plans to rob the restaurant. Unfortunately for them, one of the men had accidentally pocket dialed police dispatch.”

“There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations …” Police Chief Tony Gray said. “Somewhere in the conversation, my name was brought up.”

via Bluefastakan

Dispatch triangulated the location “from key words, including the mention of Chief Gray's name.”

If these guys don’t get direct entry into MENSA…

Chief Gray and other officers apprehended the men in the parking lot, discovering a mask on one of them. It takes a certain level of intelligence to be a successful criminal, and at the top of it, make sure you’re calling 911 while you’re laying out the details.