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Witness of the Day: This Amazon Echo Might Contain Evidence to a Murder

police issue warrant for suspects amazon echo
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amazon technology drones - 84209665

Delivery of the Day: Amazon Prime Air Ensures You’re Never Leaving the House Again

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Cheap Shop of the Day: Amazon to Open 100 Retail Pop Up Stores Across the U.S.

trending amazon shopping news new mall store pop up
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Amazon Announces "Lumberyard," a Free, Cross-Platform, 3D Game Engine

amazon announces game dev tools lumberyard
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Leaving a Negative Customer Service Review Left One Amazon Customer With a Giant Dong

man finds dildo in shopping cart after negative review on amazon
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The Future is Now of the Day: Amazon Prime Air is Coming Soon

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Outrage of The Day: Amazon Backtracks on Decision to Plaster Subway Cars With Nazi Flags

 Outrage of The Day: Amazon Backtracks on Decision to Plaster Subway Cars With Nazi Flags
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Captain Planet of the Day: Norway Gives $1 Billion to Brazil for Saving the Amazon Rainforest

Brazil receives $1 billion from Norway for reducing deforestation.
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Raining Nope of the Day: There are Seriously Skydiving Spiders in South America. Burn the Earth.

UC Berkeley researchers found skydiving spiders in South America.
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Creepy Tech Product You Didn’t Realize You Needed of the Day: Amazon Echo

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Awesome Customer Service of the Day: Amazon Rep Has a Funny Norse Mythology Themed Chat With a Customer

customer service amazon customers - 8301763840
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WoW amazon products Video - 61507073

Amazon is Unveiling a New Product But This Video Makes it Seem Like Amazon Customers Just Discovered Their Genitals

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amazon reviews

This is What Movie Posters Would Look Like if Their 1-Star Amazon Reviews Were on Them

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Amazon Launching Fire TV, a Streaming Video and Gaming Device

amazon minecraft Video Game Coverage - 8132406784
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Product of the Day: The Simpsons Duff Beer Energy Drink

amazon the simpsons - 8059995648
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Bag of Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears - Cover for list of Amazon reviews.

Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bear Reviews Tell Tales of Toilet Terror

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