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bad baby names people had to be talked out of naming their kids

Dumb Baby Names People Had To Be Talked Out Of

"Meet my son, Power Rangers Johnson."
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Funny birthday memes

15 Dank Birthday Memes For Your Special Day

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cats having birthday parties

These Cats Truly Think Birthdays Are The Worst (Memes)

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I Used To Hate My Birthday, But Not Anymore!

3 panels of ginger cat wearing blue fluffy birthday hat and looking angry then hungry happy birthday meme
Created by HowdyCuz ( Via Cheezburger )
Happy birthday memes, funny birthday memes, keanu reeves.

14 Birthday Memes To Help You Celebrate Another Year Around The Sun

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Happy birthday memes with animals

Dozens of Hilarious Birthday Memes With Animals

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Find the perfect birthday meme

18 Birthday Memes For Anyone Who's Another Year Closer To Death

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Happy Birthday, Ubergato!

happy birthday meme ubergato with a cute kitten
See all captions Created by Chili-Dog-Bravo ( Via )

Happy Birthday Bailey ! From Grandma & Grandpa !

happy birthday meme with a cute dog saying happy birthday bailey from grandma and grandpa
See all captions Created by Unknown ( Via )


happy birthday memes with a cat getting hit by a snowball
See all captions Created by JohnLennon11 ( Via )
what women don't like when men flirt with them

48 Women Share Most Common Mistakes Guys Make When Flirting

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trashy twitter feed

Dirty Cake Thieves Ruin Woman’s Birthday in Trashy Twitter Thread

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People Share the WTF Things They Learned From Their Birth Certificate

20 People Share the WTF Things They Learned From Their Birth Certificate

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happy birthday cakes for cats

People Share Funny Anecdotes And Photos From Their Cat's Birthday

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birthday wish for daughter standing next to a sea lion

Hilarious Dad Joke Featuring Birthday Wish And a Sea Lion Wins The Internet Heart

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Cute animals celebrating their birthday

30 Animals Having An Awesome Birthday Party

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