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twitter thread about the differences between moms and dads

The Differences Between Mom And Dad Summed Up In One Hilarious Twitter Thread

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birthday fire world record - 84182785

Fire Hazard of the Day: 72,585 Candles Burning on One Birthday Cake

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birthday disney mickey mouse - 83690241

Birthday of the Day: Mickey Mouse, the Funny Cartoon Character, Turns 88

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birthday Video Game Coverage video games nintendo - 839941

Celebrate Nintendo-64's 20th Birthday With These Unforgettable Gamechangers

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birthday parody bryan cranston Video - 80270593

It's Bryan Cranston's Time to Shine on His Super Sweet 60

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FAIL birthday parenting florida Video - 79188993

If You Ever Wanted to Have a 'Cool Mom' Here's a Video to Make You Rethink That Wish

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school birthday Video - 78136577

These Students Made Their Teacher Cry in Class, but Only Because He Didn't Expect a Surprise Birthday Party

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disney birthday Video - 76702721

Dick Van Dyke Celebrates His 90th Birthday With a Mary Poppins Flash Mob

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Celebration of The Day: Little Girl Gets CVS-Themed Party Because She Loves The Store so Much

Celebration of The Day: Little Girl Loves Gets CVS-Themed Party Because She Loves The Store so Much
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Putin of the Day: For His Birthday, the Russian President Played Hockey and Scored 7 Goals

Vladimir Putin played hockey and scored 7 goals on his birthday.
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Thor birthday - 604677

Father of the Day: This Dad Made Mjölnir for His Son Thor

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Schwarzenegger of the Day: Arnold Has a Message for Lion Hunters

Arnold Schwarzenegger posts on Instagram to protest lion hunting.
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wtf birthday teachers Video - 60476673

WTF of the Day: Texas Teacher Fired After Giving a 15 Year Old Student a Lap Dance in Front of Class for His Birthday

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Happy Birthday of the Day: Internet Explorer Turns 18

anniversary birthday internet explorer - 7742750208
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Happy Birthday of the Day: Gabe Newell

birthday - 6732752128
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Caterpillar Birthday Party of the Day

birthday Party squee hat - 6716579328
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