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fathers day parenting robots dad daughter Video win - 61739009

Dad Builds Simon-Playing Robot With Seven-Year-Old Daughter

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fathers day drawing lunch parenting dad win g rated - 275461

Just in Time For Father's Day, This Dad Shares His Awesome Lunchbag Drawings

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dad kids rescue parenting - 60360449

Father of the Day: Saving Kids One Child at a Time

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photobomb kids singing parenting let it go dad Video g rated - 59935745

A Dad Joke For the 21st Century: Videobomb Your Daughter's "Let it Go" Cover

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baby workout exercise parenting dad Video g rated - 58944769

D'awww of the Day: Daddy and Daughter Share Cutest Workout Ever

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vine dad batman funny - 54973697

Vine of the Day: Meet BatDad, the Most Intimidating Nice Dad Ever

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That Awkward Moment of the Day: Father Wears Daisy Dukes to Shame Daughter

fashion dad prank daughter funny - 7795924992
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Dads of The One Direction Concert, We Salute You

Sad one direction dad Reddit funny - 7733070592
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dad Marketing Campaign Video - 37848833

Marketing Campaign of the Day

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