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Request of the Day: Singer Rebecca Ferguson Would Only Sing at Trump’s Inauguration Under One Condition

“The Trump Inauguration Party for Freedom That’s Not Sad, But Rather Good Bash at the Beach 2017” has had a hard time finding performers. Between Elton John giving them a flat out “book Ted Nugent,” a woman quitting the Mormon Tabernacle choir because she saw performing the inauguration as “endorsing tyranny and fascism,” and the team just going ahead and booking a bunch of wedding bands, it’s starting to look like DJ Barron’s going to be pumping the mega mix from his iPod Touch all night. 

Well, things haven’t changed much.

Apparently, the Trump team has asked Rebecca Ferguson a chart-topping singer-songwriter and X-Factor runner-up to perform.

After being asked, Ferguson had one request: She would sing the Billie Holiday song “Strange Fruit,” which, as TIME puts it, “contains gut-wrenching imagery of black lynching victims swinging from Southern tree limbs in the early 20th century. The phrase ‘strange fruit’ refers to ‘black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,’ and the song is widely considered one of the major anti-racist songs of the 20th century.”

Ferguson made her response to the Trump team public on Twitter

“I've been asked and this is my answer. If you allow me to sing "strange fruit" a song that has huge historical importance, a song that was blacklisted in the United States for being too controversial. A song that speaks to all the disregarded and down trodden black people in the United States. A song that is a reminder of how love is the only thing that will conquer all the hatred in this world, then I will graciously accept your invitation and see you in Washington. Best Rebecca X”

Ferguson certainly knows how to make a statement.

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How does Trump bring the world to its knees in 140 characters? This YouTuber things he knows the answer.

President-elect Donald Trump, the reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last year, can cause an international incident with only the power of his thumbs. Through Twitter, Trump delivers the unfiltered id that is our next four years, but what is he looking to accomplish by sending so many into a panic? There isn’t a whole lot of room for nuance or explanation in a Tweet, and those details are critical. Now, as his incoming press secretary said that he’ll be making major policy announcements via Twitter, it’s worth understanding how Trump tweets.

via Reality TV Gifs

This video from the Nerdwriter does a great job breaking down the tweets by device, tone, and punctuation to come to this conclusion: Trump isn’t using Twitter like a politician, he’s using it like regular person. Trump tweets for impact, and he knows how to do it. The Nerdwriter gets into some of the science of tweeting and more. Check it out. 

amazon selling empty book why trump deserves trust respect and admiration
Via @jigokunt
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Can’t wait for the movie! 

The new book Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration by David King is for sale on Amazon.

By all accounts, it’s a real book. There’s a jacket, a spine, paper pages, etc. By all accounts David King is a real author. The cover even declares him a “political analyst.” By all accounts, the unaccredited review on the cover, which reads “‘Refreshingly honest’” underneath five stars, is a real review. It has to be real or else why would they put it there?

The information inside supports this argument. King’s latest treatise on that why reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last month deserves trust, respect, and admiration is completely empty, not a word in it. It’s filled with blank, empty pages. Any question? The book’s description clears up any questions:

“This book is full of blank pages. Despite years of research, we could not find anything to say on this subject, so please feel free to use this book for notes.”

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration is on sale now for $7.99. It’s Prime ready and the page features this advertisement:

Does that mean Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration is one of the best books of 2016? Probably not, but it really makes you think. 

chinese artist unveils giant trump rooster for chinese new year at shopping mall
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While the president-elect is tweeting over her, a giant rooster with his haircut is cock-a-doodle-doo-ing in China.

Perhaps inspired that real-life bird that looks like the former reality TV gameshow host who won the presidency last month, an artist China has unveiled a huge (read: yuge) rooster statue in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. The bird resides just outside a shopping mall for all to see.

via Mashable

The statue celebrates both the upcoming Year of the Rooster and four years of the Trump that we’re all kind of stuck. According to Mashable, “The statue was commissioned by the mall's owners and miniature versions of it are reportedly being sold inside and on the Chinese ecommerce site Taobao.”

One things for sure: That rooster’s got cool hair.

donald trump inauguration performers announced
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Ew, boy.

Finding a performer for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration hasn't been easy. Apparently, no one wants to show support for that reality TV gameshow host who won the presidency last month.

In November, Elton John was rumored to be performing, though, he denied the rumor. John told The Guardian: “I don’t really want my music to be involved in anything to do with an American election campaign. I’m British. I’ve met Donald Trump, he was very nice to me, it’s nothing personal, his political views are his own, mine are very different, I’m not a Republican in a million years. Why not ask Ted fucking Nugent? Or one of those fucking country stars? They’ll do it for you.”

via MTV

Well, actually, they won't because neither Nugent nor Kid Rock are on the lineup.

So who are the big league performers destined to help America Rock again? According to Consequence of Sound, the good gets are:

  • Nashville singer-songwriter Beau Davidson
  • The Regan Years, a cover band who only plays music released during the Ronald Regan presidency. They claim to be “one of the HOTTEST 80s cover bands” — conversely, they also sound like one of the saddest.
  • The Mixx, which is something of a wedding band — yeesh.
  • DJ Sets by DJ Romin, DJ Young Rye, DJ Flow, and DJ Freedom. No word yet as to if DJ Barron will be making his debut.
  • The Star Spangled Singers, allegedly different from USA Freedom Girls, who sang that weird Trump song a few months ago and are currently suing the president elect.

All this and probably not that much more for $350. Hopefully it goes toward a new website. Trump’s war against good design lumbers on.

via All American Ball

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Ah, the yule log, is there anything better to cozy up to on a cold wintry night?

Not even a real fireplace could compare. After all, there’s no way to change the channel on a fireplace. 

Well, I’ll give you this: One of the great things about a real fireplace is that you can actually burn something in it. Whether it’s a false ledger you use to evade your taxes, your medical records, or a written confession to a crime, nothing purifies you body and soul like a nice, cleansing fire.

via Mashable

So in the spirit of giving you something to burn, the folks over at The Daily Show have given you the next best thing: A burning constitution over Christmas carols and the dulcet tones of that reality TV gameshow host who won the presidency last month delivering some of his famous catchphrases, like “we’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again” and “bing bing bong bong.” Five-hours of Christmas cheer. Oh, it feels great to say that again: "Christmas." Remember when saying “Christmas” was punishable by death?

So put your arm around that special someone, take a sip of cocoa, and get ready for 2017 because, hoo, boy, it’s going to be a lot worse than this piece of garbage year.

via Lerrah

H/T Huffington Post

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It’s starting to look like SNL has a little of the Trump Regret that’s been going around.

And to make up for having him host last year, the sketch show has been really sticking it to that reality TV game show host who won the presidency last month.

This week in the on-going saga of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump, he gets a Christmas gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was just hiding in the walls. Can you guess what it is? Do you want to take a peek in someone else’s email to see? That can be arranged…

Anyway, this is just one of the few Christmas themed sketches this week on SNL, including an updated version of Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” and Hillary Clinton showing some “Love, Actually” to some electors.

via SNL

via SNL