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Gift of the Day: These Redditors Made a Grieving Mother’s Christmas Wish Come True

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Relief of the Day: Britney Spears Is Ok Despite Hacked Twitter Account Saying Otherwise

hackers attack sony music twitter tweets lie that britney spears is dead
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Song of the Day: Find Out What Makes Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You So Chrismassy?

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Artist of the Day: Some Dude Named Mozart Has the Best-Selling CD of the Year

mozart has the best selling cd of the year billions stream drake
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Beef of the Day: Soulja Boy to Shia LeBeouf: Stay Out of Atlanta

soulja boy beefs with shia labeouf from transformers over rap charlamagne the god
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When you’re Shia LaBeouf, the provactive star of a bunch of movies with big fighting robots, you like to start beef. Whether you’re wearing a bag on your head in the name of art or you’re ripping off a Daniel Clowes comic for your short film , if you’re Shia LaBeouf, you want to push buttons. But some buttons should not be pushed, as the real Shia has recently learned. According to Uproxx , “The rift between the two originates from a new freestyle by LaBeouf premiered on The Breakfast Club by C…
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Hit of the Day: Country Star Punches Heckler at Charity Event

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Album of the Day: The Hamilton Mixtape is Here and Everyone Is Losing It

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Bat of the Day: Flying Rodent Huge Adele Fan

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Song of the Day: Metallica Performing "Enter Sandman" on Classroom Instruments Will Make You Say "Awww"

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Winning-the-Argument of the Day: Drake Buys Neighbor's House After He Complains About Drake

trending celebrity real estate news drake buys neighbors house
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Metallist Mayor of the Day: Fenriz Voted to Oslo Town Council

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Freak Out of the Day: Drake's Tour Bus Robbed of $3 Million in Jewels

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This Professional Baseball Player's Walk-Up Music Blasts His Favorite Fandom For Everyone To Hear (and Clap Along To)

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Harambe Memorials of the Day: Chvrches, High Schools, and Even MLB Baseball Fans Show Their Gorilla Love

Chvrches dedicated their song "Under the Tide" to Harambe while a Red Sox fan ran on the field in a " Harambe 69 Jersey " at Fenway Park on Sunday night: Not to be outdone though, an awesome Cincinnati school has made Harambe their new mascot for the football team, and decided to dance and drag a kid around during a game to celebrate "Harambe style" in front of a ton of soccer moms to glorious extent: I don't know who made the final decision on this one--in the town that Harambe died in--but th…
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Cringe of the Day: Criss Angel Teamed Up With Dee Snider To Make This Cringe-Inducing Acoustic Video Raising Awareness For a Great Cause

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Selena Fans Are Hisssing Mad on Bieber’s Instagram Bae-by and Jelena is Definitely Over Now

trending gomez bieber instagram feud
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