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very best gifs of the past week

The Very Best GIFs From The Past Week (15 GIFs)

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tweets by a cartoon version of Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Farewell Speech and It's Even More Ridiculous Than We Could've Hoped For

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Nomination of the Day: Obama Selects an Openly Gay Man to Lead the Army

Obama names an openly gay man to lead the U.S. Army
Via Reuters
Music obama potus politics - 46869505

Mash Up of the Day: Barack Obama Sings Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" (ft. Joe Biden)

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McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed with President Obama's Knowledge of Internet Memes

obama White house - 6787641088
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Online Petition of the Day: Pizza Party for Every American

gifs pizza obama petition - 6766575360
Via Daily Caller

The Outcome of the Day

obama election - 6743570176
By Unknown

U.S. Election Stuff of the Day

campaign obama Deal With It president election - 6729820160
Via Reddit
obama election 2012 Romney - 43915265

The Greatest Generation Talks Politics of the Day

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election 2012 kids these days obama Romney - 43710721

Preschool Political War of the Day

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obama election 2012 - 43708161

Lena Dunham's First Time of the Day

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Because Cheetos of the Day

Romney obama election 2012 - 6701723136
Via Death+Taxes
obama Video - 43585537

The Final Debate Gets Songified of the Day

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Ann Coulter presidential debate Say What Now Romney election 2012 obama - 24836

Say What Now: Ann Coulter Edition of the Day

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Battleship: Election Edition of the Day

election 2012 Romney obama presidential debate - 6698526720
Via Ranker

When It Comes To Drone Strikes of the Day

infographic obama Romney election 2012 - 6697613056
Via Slate
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