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christmas Home Alone scary Video - 76926465

Christmas Cheer Just Went Out The Window With This 'Home Alone' Is A Prequel To 'Saw' Fan Theory

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Censorship of the Day: This Terrifying Clown Poster Was Banned for Being Too Spooky for the Children

clowns poster Censorship of the Day: This Terrifying Clown Poster Was Banned for Being Too Spooky for the Children
Via Johannah Martin NeeTurner
crazy scary rage cars road rage Video - 67440129

Road Rage of the Day: Insane Woman Harasses Girls on Highway

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scary halloween Video - 65426945

Viral Video of the Day: This One Minute Short is Scarier Than Most Horror Films

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clowns scary Video wtf - 65204481

American Horror Story in Real Life: If You Have a Fear of Clowns You Might Want to Steer Clear of This Town in California

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scary racing cars close call Video - 65003521

Close Call of the Day: An Intense Crash During a Race That Amazingly Doesn't Claim Any Lives

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Gif of the Day: Cats Must Really Have Nine Lives Because This Kitty Escaped From a Burning, Collapsing Hotel

scary gifs Cats animals - 8323133184
Via CTV News Winnipeg
scary Video animals - 64463105

A Hunter Uses a Coyote Call and Gets a Terrifying Response

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nature scary Video - 63756545

How Would You Feel if You Were Surprised by a Giant Whale Like This?

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scary Video water - 62345729

Spelunking Gone Wrong: This is What it Looks Like to Be Stuck in a Cave Filling With Water

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scary close call vertigo fail nation g rated - 8205068288
Via NBC Chicago
scary damn nature you scary IRL Video - 60975105

Damn Nature, You Scary of the Day: Fire Tornado Caught on Tape in Wildfire Coverage

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Gif of the Day: Remove One Tree and Another Takes its Place

scary trees gifs work fail nation - 8152071936
scary earth - 59502593

10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth

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mysterious spiders gross scary - 57372673

Vine of the Day: Some Mysterious Fuzz Balls are Best Left Alone

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Bad Parenting of the Day: Baby Poses with Gun Collection

baby Alabama guns parenting scary - 7974198528
By Unknown