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Nom of the Day: Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake is the Dessert You Need Right Now

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Kickstarter of the Day: Creator of Fidget Cube Discovers How to Quickly Become a Millionaire

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Via Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy
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Sexy Nom of the Day: Durian Flavored and Textured Condoms

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Expendable Job of the Day: Uber Chooses Pittsburgh as First City to Roll Out Self-Driving Car Pickups

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Cool Pic of the Day: Our Whole Galaxy in One Image

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Via European Space Agency

Nostalgia of the Day: American Girls Ranked by Betchiness is the Satire You Didn't Know You Needed

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Via Betches

Cool Fact of the Day: Paralympics Medals Make Different Noises So Visually Impaired Athletes Can Identify Which One They Have

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Via @Olympics
A medal like no other! These Paralympic winners are listening to their medals! For the first time ever, the Paralympic Games have placed a device inside the medals that use tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken, allowing visually impaired athletes to identify which type they are. The bronze medals have 16 steel balls and make the lowest sound. The silver ones have 20 balls and the golds have 28, producing the loudest noise. All of the medals also have the words 'Rio 2016 Paralym…

Harambe of the Day: Fake Story Circulated About Harambe McHarambeface Wins-Then-Disappoints-Internet

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Via @DailyMirror

Because ‘Murica of the Day: Deep-Fried State Fair Food Now Available Year-Round at Plano Walmart

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Via Dallas Observer
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Saved By Sex of the Day: Diego the Tortoise Probably Gets Laid More Than You Do

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Infographic of the Day: The Complete List of Lewd-Sounding American Town Names

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Via Estately Blog

Winning-the-Argument of the Day: Drake Buys Neighbor's House After He Complains About Drake

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Via Trulia
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Metallist Mayor of the Day: Fenriz Voted to Oslo Town Council

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Work Ethic of the Day: Despite a Growing GoFundMe Retirement Account, This 89-Year-Old Still Shows Up For His Job

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Via Relief for Fidencio the paleta man

Snacks of the Day: Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn and Ranking The Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

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Via Thrillist

Pride Hero of the Day: 12 Year-Old Stands Against 11,000 at Mexican Anti-Gay Marriage March

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Via @ZackFord