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Sri Lankan President Wants Enrique Iglesias Organizers Lashed With Stingray Tails

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Op-Ed of the Day: Stephen Colbert Explains Why His Talk Show Will Have Tons of Gender Equality

Stephen Colbert writes an op ed for Glamour about gender equality.
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Thermo-Gender Politics of the Day: Study Finds Sexism in Office Air Conditioning

Women get cold in the office air conditioning because of sexism.
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Hidden Camera of the Day: What it’s Like to Be a Woman in New York

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Fail of the Day: Blonde Woman's Temper Tantrum Leaves Her All Wet

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Extreme Feminists Disrupts Dr. Janice Fiamengo’s Lecture About Men's Rights at the University of Ottawa

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Not a Joke of the Day: 'Bikini Bridge' Prank May Cause Some Real Damage

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Patton Oswalt Translates of the Day

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Sh*t Girls Say Episode Four of the Day

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Happy Hour

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