interview with criminal defense attorney on how to public intoxication ticket new years
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Aside from just staying home and not drinking.

With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, it’s good to know your rights. After all, no one wants to spend their first morning of 2017 inside of a jail cell.

The team over at Vice have you covered. They posted an interview Diana Aizman, a Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, specializing in DUI and drug laws, where she talks about what’ll get you sent up the river on New Year’s Eve. Here’s her response:

[Cops are] looking for a few things. One is if you're just unable to take care of yourself, if you're obviously stumbling or having trouble maintaining control of your faculties. I've had clients who have been arrested for just sitting on the curb and looking like they're about to pass out or have passed out. That's something that they will probably arrest you for. And then the other thing is if you're just belligerent, loud, obnoxious, in people's faces, in the police officer's face. Basically, if you're posing a danger to yourself or to anyone around you and you're unable to care of yourself in a reasonable fashion, a police officer has the discretion to arrest you for being drunk in public…

If he or she genuinely believes that you are under the influence and unable to reasonably take care of yourself, or if you're engaging in anything that is destructive, then they can arrest you.

via The Roost

Most importantly, if you are arrested stopped, don’t try and talk your way out of it:

Keep your mouth shut and your head down. The worst thing you can do is try to talk yourself out of any situation with law enforcement because the only thing you're going to do is make it worse. If you're being suspected of being drunk in public, say absolutely nothing. Everything you say is going to be used against you, that's not just something you hear on TV. That's true.

Basically, what they're going to do is they're going to say that your speech is slow and slurred, that you reek of an alcoholic beverage, that you're unable to form sentences, that you were incoherent. The less you say, the better off you are. Easier for your defense attorney later on.

Read the full interview here.

chinese artist unveils giant trump rooster for chinese new year at shopping mall
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While the president-elect is tweeting over her, a giant rooster with his haircut is cock-a-doodle-doo-ing in China.

Perhaps inspired that real-life bird that looks like the former reality TV gameshow host who won the presidency last month, an artist China has unveiled a huge (read: yuge) rooster statue in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. The bird resides just outside a shopping mall for all to see.

via Mashable

The statue celebrates both the upcoming Year of the Rooster and four years of the Trump that we’re all kind of stuck. According to Mashable, “The statue was commissioned by the mall's owners and miniature versions of it are reportedly being sold inside and on the Chinese ecommerce site Taobao.”

One things for sure: That rooster’s got cool hair.


Increase of the Day: Headaches Because Hatchimals Aren’t Hatching and Kids Are Freaking Out

If you don’t have kids, you probably don’t know much about Hatchimals, this year’s biggest holiday gift — and my word processor’s latest dictionary addition.

There’s a chance that you’ve seen some videos of these little birdies breaking free from their plastic shells on Facebook or Twitter, but what of the Hatchimals that refuse to come out? Well, they’re causing host of holiday problems for parents just looking for a second of peace and quiet.

In the days since Christmas, people have been flooding twitter with complaints for the Hatchimal corporation aka Spin Master. Check out how some people are coping with their unborn Hatchimal.

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video of spiracellars wine cellars of the future
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The only thing better than owning a wine cellar is having a wine cellar that makes you feel like a James Bond villain.

SpiralCellars offer just that advantage. These underground cellars are capable of storing 1,900 bottles and at least one international man of mystery.

via xxxdarkheartedboixxx's channel

Earlier today, Mashable posted a video of these modern marvels. You don't even need a secret layer housed in the side of a mountain or something. You can install them in your house, and they’re completely hidden or encased by a circular glassdoor. Both offer their own kind of Bond villain-esque experience. 

Made from a circular concrete, each cellar takes about nine days to install and is climate controlled. That means it keeps your wine or super spy in perfect hibernation, before you decide what you want to do with them.

Check out the video below and think about what this can do for your whole fight against her majesty’s secret service.

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When you go to an amusement part, and you’re surrounded by thousands of sweaty strangers, what do you want? Turkey leg? Dippin’ dots? The opportunity to see those sweaty strangers half-naked and wrapped in towel.

If you answered number three. congratulations, you’ve won the opportunity to buy a ticket to Beppu City’s “Spamusement Park.”

Beppu City, Japan is home to numerous hot springs, gushing out over 130,000 tons from the ground a year. “It’s the second largest amount of water discharge in the world, and the largest in Japan,” according to Wikipedia. And now they’re looking to one up themselves.

via Reddit

No, not a spa for dogs, unfortunately. According to this video, Beppu City will construct an amusement park in the city, which combines the sweaty mess of the spa with the sweaty mess of the amusement park. As Beppu City Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano, if this video reaches 1 million views, they will begin the spamusment park initiative. The video now has over 2 million.

Imagine it: A roller coaster where you sit in a hot tub of water; a tea cups ride where you actually sit in a hot cup of water; a ferris wheel where you sit in a hot tub of water. Your steam dreams are about to come true.

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After a month of the worst group text experience of your life, New Year’s Eve is here, and you and your friends have finally decided on what you’re doing – unless Jake gets back to you because Jake throws the best parties.

But New Year’s Eve never really lives up to the hype, does it? And why is that? We try so hard to make it a special night. We even might get invited to Jake’s party. He’s going to have a two-story beer bong this year. Two. Stories. It’ll be so sick.

ASAP Science actually has a pretty reasonable list of reasons why New Year’s kind of stinks.

  1. Expectations — We all think that New Year’s is going to be a climactic end to our year, but it usually just ends with you passed out on your floor clutching a copy of the West Side Story soundtrack and screaming, “Why, Maria? Why?”  

    via Reddit

  2. Trying too hard — To live up to the expectations of the night, we all try and make sure that the night is as perfect as possible, which is why you have got to be at Jake’s party this year. But the fact is, trying too hard to have a good time leads to a bad time.

  3. Optimism Bias — Apparently, our brain is hardwired to expect positive outcomes over negative ones. How do I get some of that optimism bias?

  4. Reflection — Thinking about the past year can be… sad. 

    via Warner Bros.

  5. Alcohol — Reflection plus alcohol can be sadder. 

    via Skins Glee Forever

  6. Cost — Between dinner and the Über, NYE can cost a ton of money. Once you factor in all the money you spend trying to bribe your way into Jake’s party, you’re pretty broke come Jan. 1.

  7. The Kiss — If you don’t have someone to kiss, you’re sad. If you do, everyone hates you.

  8. via GIPHY

Happy New Year! Make strong decisions!

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When the Internet uses its powers for good, the results are incredible.

It’s been an difficult year for Angela McElhiney, an understatement to say the least. Her 15 year-old son Nathan committed suicide in October. To remember him, she cherishes a video of Nathan singing “Wayfaring Stranger,” taken one month before his death.

via A Promise to Nathan

However, because the video was taken in a high school gymnasium, the audio quality is poor to say the least, muffled by the audience’s restless noise.

"It was such a bad recording and I just wanted to be able to hear him better," Angela told CNN. "Right now, I feel like it's very therapeutic because I feel like it's the journey he's taking.”

So Angela turned to Internet. After posting the video to Reddit, she asked if anyone could help fix the audio or, at the very least, begin the path to cleaning it up. An hour later, she started getting new mixes with cleaner audio.

via MrKain134

In total, she received about 20 versions of the clip.

"I never expected so much kindness and so many people taking time out of their day," she said. “We can't express our gratitude enough.”

However, as CNN reported:

The first Christmas without Nathan has been hard for McElhiney and her family and this has been a welcome distraction for her. She tried to thank everyone who responded to her post, but fell behind when the number of comments grew into the thousands.