Photos of the Day: New, Bizarre Kim Jong Un Images Surface

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Well after weeks of speculation, the mystery seems to have finally been solved: Kim Jong Un has been spotted. Alive!

And now here he is in a recent photo spread, back at work, touring a creepy orphanage, devoid of any children.

New images of the Great Leader, released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), show him at the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage wandering around inflatable swans while looking confused and happily inspecting a Hello Kitty tea sets, pink bunk beds and ball pits.

Looks like everything is back to normal in North Korea. Now if we can just find those missing children...

Larry King’s Late Night Twitter Ramblings Are Now a “Thing”

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Do you ever wonder what Larry King is doing at 2am on a Sunday night/Monday morning?

Answer: Taking the social media world by storm… that's what!

For the second week in a row, the 80-year old radio/tv host has tweeted a series of random thoughts, questions, observations on his feed. He covers everything from fear of colonoscopies and his favorite Chinese food, to pipe smoking, and his hatred of snow.

And no he isn't drunk, nor has his Twitter account been hacked - as he clarifies here in an equally funny Instagram video (see above).

Here are a few examples, but be sure check out his official account:

"Music" of the Day: The Selling Power of Taylor Swift Turned Eight Seconds of Static Into Canada's Number One Single

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Yesterday, Taylor Swift's newest single "Track 3" released on iTunes skyrocketed up the Canadian charts.

The track has since been removed under speculation it was a glitch, but if you are hankering for the song of our generation you can listen to the entire track above.

Quote of the Day

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24-year old Riley Swearingen thought nothing about his drunken joke on a police officer.

According to the criminal complaint, Mankato Department of Public Safety Police Sergeant Adam Gray was talking with a driver of a "drunk bus" in the city's entertainment district when he "felt two fingertips that were obvious to him as wet with saliva being pushed into his right and left ear canals, which caused pressure and discomfort in his ear canals."

The officer turned and saw a man later identified as Swearingen tell his friends, "I just gave the cop a wet Willie."

"Sergeant Gray immediately proceeded after the male who assaulted him," the complaint continues.

Once he was apprehended, Swearingen told Gray he was just joking around and was sorry, but Gray arrested him anyway.

Read the rest of the story on City Pages.

WTF of the Day: A Former Member of Scientology is Ambushed and Harassed by Three Current Top Scientology Officials in LAX Airport

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The man being berated is Marty Rathbun, who spent two and a half decades in the church, rising to become a top official there before breaking away in 2004. On his blog, Rathbun writes that the people berating him in the video are three of the current top management personnel named Jenny Linson, Marc Yager, and Dave Bloomberg.

On Sunday evening, Rathbun posted this bizarre 2-minute video, a video he had taken earlier in the day while he was waiting at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight back to his home in Texas. Rathbun thinks the entire thing was a set up because Rathbun points out "there was only one carry-on bag for the three of them." The way they spoke was also very calculated and seems pretty clear it was well rehearsed.

NOPE of the Day: An Australian Man on Vacation in Bali Discovers a Tropical Spider Living Underneath His Skin

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According to an Australian news outlet, Dylan Thomas woke up to a bizarre red trail going from his navel to his chest. When the angry red line grew even longer, he consulted a doctor who advised it was simply an insect bite and gave him some anti-histamine cream.

Within hours painful blisters erupted along the red line, sending him back to hospital where a dermatologist determined a tropical spider had burrowed into the 21-year-old's body presumably through a recent appendix scar.

Here's the aftermath:

Kansas City Restaurant Owner to Female Reporter: "I Would Love to See My Meat in Your Mouth!"

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The last time the Kansas City Royals made the playoffs was in 1985. This year, they not only made the playoffs, but are currently a few wins away from the World Series. As you can imagine, the KC metro area is all abuzz with Royalmania.

To celebrate, a burger joint in town called the Westpoint Flea Market is selling burgers at the prices they were in 1985, which means paying only $2.99 for a $7.99 burger. KCTV news reporter Courtney DeHoff went to the Westpoint Flea Market to sample the offerings, and when she asked for a burger, owner Joe Zwillenberg laid down the worst innuendo possible. Hoo boy...