two kentucky men butt dial 911 while discussing plan to rob bbq place
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Step aside, Nobel Prize winners, because these dudes are right on your tails.

Presumably after discussing nuclear physics, two Kentucky men allegedly moved their conversation to more pressing matters: Robbing a BBQ restaurant where the local police chief just happened to be eating at. How did the chief find out? Well, these two guys, who just have to be direct descendants of Einstein or something, pocket dialed 911 while they were discussing the plans.

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A local NBC affiliate picked up the story, reporting:

“According to the Danville Advocate Messenger, police say two suspects were sitting inside their car outside of Brothers' BBQ, discussing their plans to rob the restaurant. Unfortunately for them, one of the men had accidentally pocket dialed police dispatch.”

“There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations …” Police Chief Tony Gray said. “Somewhere in the conversation, my name was brought up.”

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Dispatch triangulated the location “from key words, including the mention of Chief Gray's name.”

If these guys don’t get direct entry into MENSA…

Chief Gray and other officers apprehended the men in the parking lot, discovering a mask on one of them. It takes a certain level of intelligence to be a successful criminal, and at the top of it, make sure you’re calling 911 while you’re laying out the details.

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Last night, Alan Ferrier from Edienburg, Scottland, did the impossible: He improved the perfect wikipedia photo caption. With the addition of the word “right” to this photo of a man playing bagpipes and an “indifferent” penguin, Ferrier showed the world the power of editing Wikipedia for hilarious, and factual, gains.

That’s when things took a turn. Twitter began editing this picture of Piper Kerr, who is on the right, ok?

Then found other pictures that could use more facts, like this one of seated economist Guy Standing.

Users found numerous captions in need of extra truth, like this one of Cecil the Lion’s brother, Jericho the Lion, who is also a lion.

And some they didn’t have to caption at all:

It just goes to show that there can never be too much truth in the world.


This Hilarious Kid Going Around London Reviewing Chicken Shops Is Just What 2016 Needed

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jon call weightlifter makes gains deadlifting 495 pounds while on rollerblades
Via @jujimufu
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The olympics are done. How do we know? Because weightlifter Jon Call just shut them down by deadlifting 495 pounds in rollerblades.

A video posted by Jon Call (@jujimufu) on

Call, with his long blond hair reminiscent of Thor, the god of thunder, blades into the gym, does a cool spin move and a little march, and deadlifts 495 pounds three times, before skating away, giggling over the world he has just conquered. Fear not, mortals, for he is a benevolent god who likes Michael Jackson.

Sure, you can see any old human deadlifting hundreds of pounds in the olympics, but how often do you seem them do it in rollerblades. Sorry, 2016 Olympic Gold-Medalist Lasha Talakhadze, but either get some blades on or stay home.

Jon Call does all sorts of things to prove that he’s a god, like carrying a couple hundred pounds over a fire in a horse mask and lifting at Thanksgiving dinner. If you're feeling an intense religious terror. Don't panic. That just means your still human, so check out the rest on Jon's Instagram.

via @jujimufu

christmas tree expert comedian joe pera makes things awkward on midwest morning news shows
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For some reason, picking out the perfect Christmas tree puts people on pins and needles. Let’s get something straight, the only needles you should be on are the ones that fall from your tree.

That’s enough kidding around becuase finding the perfect tree can make or break your Christmas. So unless you want to have a terrible Christmas and have your family hate you, you better listen to stand-up comic and unaccredited Christmas tree enthusiast Joe Pera. He might not be a professional, but he knows a thing or two and loves to help. He also has an Adult Swim special on the subject

Pera recently appeared on a Detroit local news show to help the morning crew pick out the perfect tree. He tells them about his trip to Anderson’s tree farm in Newbury, Michigan, where the farm’s proprietor Merle and his wife Caroline taught him a whole lot. The segment, with the stuttering and dead air, is as soothing as they are unsettling.

The whole thing is delightfully awkward in the best way possible, and when this anchor tells him that she uses a plastic tree, well, things get tense.

via Splitsider

He made the rounds that morning, delivering Christmas tree to a few other shows to similar results.

reddit user founded a church of harambe approved by IRS
Via agc4
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In many ways, everyone on the planet would like to never hear the name Harambe again. We get it, ok? Dudes on Reddit think the gorilla getting shot is very funny. The joke is played.

But almost by divine providence, if you will, someone found a new way into the joke.

Reddit user agc4 is now the founder and first member of the Church of Latter Day Harambe, a new holy community that just received approval from the IRS.

As of now, we only have a letter addressed to the founder and not much more information on how to join the church because apparently the founder "lost" the letter. Not a great sign for the new religion.

via agc4
Another Reddit user chimed in without to create your own church, too.

So as of now, we’re a little light on details about the Church of Latter Day Harambe. Until some more develops, enjoy this clip from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver from the time John started his own church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

video Teen Passes Out on Theme Park Ride at six flags mexico Four Times
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A good bed is hard to come by apparently.

While riding the Sling Shot ride Six Flags Mexico in Mexico City, 15-year-old Daniel Barron Melendez passed four times for up to three seconds at a clip. Get your sleep where you can.

In the video, you can see Daniel’s eyes glaze over and roll back into his head, while the other rider enjoys the ride. Daniel not only passes out during the ride, but in between cat naps, he looks like he’s in physical pain.

According to The Daily Mail, this might have been just another chance for Daniel to meet single ladies.

“Local media reports suggested the teenager may have been trying to impress his friend by going on the ride. Daniel has started getting dating requests on social media from female admirers after posting the video.”

We’ll keep you updated on whether or not Daniel gets a girlfriend through this as this story develops.

via The Daily Mail

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It was a long way to the top for Jurassic World-star Chris Pratt.

Like many young actors, Pratt was a waiter before landing his star-making role on Parks and Recreation. However, it looks like working for tips wasn’t enough for Mr. Pratt. Sometimes he’d take his tables’ orders to go. 

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new filmPassengers, on Friday night, he told of how he would get a little extra something something from his diners: Leftovers.

via YouTube

In an elaborate scheme, Pratt would convince little old ladies to order a 32-ounce steak that he knew they could not finish. He would then take the table scraps to the back of the restaurant and slam the steak in a matter of seconds. However, when one diner asked to have the already-finished meal to go, things got interesting.

Check out this clip and feel better about yourself on this Monday morning.